Project number: 2019-1-TR01-KA204-073839

About the project

Timeless is a 24-months Erasmus+ KA204 project which aims at enhancing professional development of adult educators working with older adults through new training opportunities. This leads to development of EFL learning materials based on cultural heritage in collaboration with adult learners.

Focusing on the lack of awareness on older adults’ participation in lifelong learning, social and cultural initiatives in their societies, and the implications it has for adult educators, Timeless raises appreciation for local and common European heritage, increases cultural awareness, fosters intercultural dialogue through interpretation of common European patrimony in the context of non-formal and informal adult education of foreign languages.

Targeting directly adult educators (teachers, mentors, etc., especially those working with older learners) and seniors/ older adults, Timeless envisages the development of three Intellectual Outputs:

The learning materials are developed by and for adult educators with the collaboration of working groups of seniors. Through this collaborative process, older learners supported by adult educators prepare EFL materials for their English classes tailored to their needs and interests that can be used in other adult education centres working with seniors. In its turn, adult educators enhance their knowledge on instructional design in informal and non-formal EFL learning environments and social inclusion of older learners. This promotes participation and persistence of older learners in lifelong learning and also improves their digital, linguistic and intercultural skills.


  • Transnational meeting 1

    09-11-2017 / 10-11-2017
    Reus, Spain

  • Short-term joint staff training

    05-05-2021 / 07-05-2021

  • Face-to-face short-term joint staff training activity

    8, 9, 10 /11/2021
    Sofia (Bulgaria)

  • Transnational meeting 2

    Riga, Latvia

  • Transnational meeting 3

    22/23 -03-2022
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Final transnational meeting

    26/27 -05-2022
    Usak, Turkey

  • Multiplier events - in partner countries

    May 2022


    March 2020
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    HOST NAME: Nikanor


Course for educators

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